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"I am SO obsessed with this challenge."

"I am SO obsessed with this challenge. I loved it so much. I make green smoothies a lot, but it’s not necessarily every single day - but I wish it was! This challenge helped me be super consistent with it, as I was doing it every morning. I can’t tell you how much I loved the taste of all of them. I often times would use orange juice as the liquid for my smoothies because water or milk just didn’t do it for me, but the coconut water and combination of ingredients were so tasty that I didn’t need to add extra sugary juice! I loved these so much."


"I absolutely LOVED doing the smoothie challenge and will definitely keep it up. It was really helpful to actually have recipes and my smoothies turned out way better than they used to. I think the addition of the 1/4 avocado each day was genius!" 


"I thought your 7 day smoothie guide was a really great starter process. Good variations without buying a bunch of different ingredients which I think would have made it overwhelming. The use of substitutes in case I didn't have or couldn't find the ingredients was helpful as well because I haven't been able to get spinach lately (thanks COVID) so ended up using kale which worked great. I'm still drinking a smoothie everyday so thanks for kick starting a really good habit!"


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Why green smoothies?

Improved Gut Health & Digestion

Your daily green smoothie will up your fiber intake, which is is essential to healthy digestion. Fiber helps to feed the good gut bacteria, while anti-inflammatory ingredients like pineapple will calm and heal the gut.

Leafy greens have a specific type of sugar that helps to feed healthy gut bacteria so that we can thrive!

More Energy

Because green smoothies are made with fruits and veggies, this daily concoction delivers essential vitamins and nutrients to your body that allow it to perform optimally.

Clearer Skin

Leafy greens are SO amazing for your skin, but let's be honest, who actually eats enough everyday? This is the easiest way to sneak more in. Plus, a healthy, balanced gut also promotes healthy skin!

Weight Loss & Management

If you're struggling to lose weight, swap your typical breakfast for a green smoothie. They keep you full and satiated, but not weighed down! Not looking to lose weight? Green smoothies keep my weight stable.


I'm Blair—a mom and wife passionate about healthy, clean living.

The year after my son was born, I hit a low point. I was constantly exhausted, foggy, broken out and sick. I decided to take control of my health and make some changes. Green smoothies were one of those healthy habits, and I haven't looked back, simply because they work that well!

Now, I love sharing my passion for happier, healthier, joy-filled living with others on my blog, The Fox & She, and Instagram.

I can't wait for you to take my smoothie challenge! I'm proof that green smoothies can do wonders for your health, and can't wait to see how it changes your life too.

xo, Blair Staky


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